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[2024.05.31]Message Formatting
[2024.05.31]Message Formatting
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🗣️ Is there an easier way to format messages?

🗣️ I want to use the '~' symbol without applying the strikethrough format.

A message format feature has been added due to users' VOC

💡iOS will be updated in the future, and you can use improved features after the update.

✅Message Formatting

Previously, you could format the text by using the markdown method, so it wasn't easy to apply it.

A formatting toolbar has been added, allowing you to easily and quickly apply text formatting by clicking the desired format button or dragging the text and clicking the button.



Before the update, applying the code blocks on the mobile app was not easy. Code blocks written in the PC app would show as quotation marks in the mobile app.

Now, you can view messages with the code block applied on the mobile app and the format button.

  • Select the [T] button > Swipe through to select.

<Actions and Tooltips>


<Code Block>

<Block quote>

<Ordered List & Bulleted List>



Formatted Text





***Bold & Italic***

Bold & Italic


✅Text Format Shortcuts

<Updated Shortcut>

  • Invite member to a topic : [Cmd/Ctrl + I] -> [Cmd/Ctrl + P]

<New Shortcut>

Cmd/Ctrl + B


Cmd/Ctrl + I


Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + S

Do you want to learn about new shortcuts? 👉I want to learn about shortcuts.

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