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Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Updated over a week ago

Have you ever wondered, "There must be a smarter way to use JANDI"?

Using JANDI keyboard shortcuts would be the first step.

1. Move chatrooms | Ctrl(cmd) + J(Jump)

If you want to jump to another chatroom, use ‘Ctrl(Cmd) + J.’ You can search for any topic or chat and join them.

To enter a topic with a notification, press Ctrl(Cmd) + J use the arrow keys and enter to select a topic.

2. Search | Ctrl(Cmd) + F(Find)

If you're looking for a specific message or file, use ‘Ctrl(Cmd) + F.’ A panel will open, and you can search for files and messages.

Press Ctrl(Cmd) + F, type in the keyword, and use search filters, including file type, members, and date, for more accurate results.

3. Mention: Alt(Option) + M(Mention)

If you want to see all contents where you have been @mentioned, use Alt(Option) + M(Mention).

A panel will open on the right side, and you can see the list of contents where you have been @mentioned.

Team List | Alt(Cmd) + T(Team)

  • If you are in multiple teams in JANDI, use Alt(Cmd) + T and the arrow keys up and down to move between teams.

Stickers | Ctrl(Cmd) + E(Emoticon)

  • If you use stickers (emoticons) for more casual conversations, use Ctrl(Cmd) + E(Emoticon) and arrow keys to choose the sticker you want. Press the enter key to use the sticker. (Only in chat view)

File Upload | Ctrl(Cmd) + U(Upload)

  • If you want to upload a file from your computer, use Ctrl(Cmd) + U(Upload). You can directly upload files from your computer. (Only in chat view)

Screen Lock | Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + L(Lock)

  • If you wish to leave your screen on while you're away, use the screen lock feature. Press Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + L(Lock) to activate the screen lock. To unlock your screen, type in your password.

Shortcut List | Ctrl(Cmd) + /(?)

  • If you want to look at the list of JANDI keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl(Cmd) + /(?). You can use JANDI more efficiently.

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