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All about JANDI membership status
Updated over a week ago

There are four types of membership status in JANDI.

  • Team Owner

  • Team Admin
    (Setting multiple Admins is available on Paid Plans only.)

  • Member

  • Associate

1. Team Owner

The Team Owner is the person who initially created the team. The Team Owner and Admin have the same right except that the Owner is the only person that can delete the team.

2. Team Admin

The Team Admin can access the team’s file storage, member management, and team settings.
If your team is using a paid plan, the Team Admin can go to [Admin Menu] to assign multiple Team Admins.

3. Member

Members can access Topics and Chats, as well as the messages and files shared in them. They can also view other members’ profiles.

4. Associates

Associates can only access messages and files shared in the Topic they are participating in.
Associates are ‘guests’ to the team. They can join up to five Topics upon invitation.
Associates are only able to view the profiles of the members in the Topic they are in.

For any reason, if the Associate needs more access to the team, the Team Admin can change the Associate’s status to Member status.

(Remember, a Member cannot be changed to an Associate)

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