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Status change (owner / admin / membership status, block / dismiss)
Status change (owner / admin / membership status, block / dismiss)
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If there have been any personnal changes in your team, the Team Admin can go to [Admin Menu] to switch a member to a Team Admin, transfer team ownership, block, or dismiss a member.

1. Select the [≡] icon on the upper right corner of your PC or Web JANDI and go to [Admin Menu]

On your Mobile JANDI, select the select the [More...] tab Then you can access the [Admin Menu]

2. Go to the [Member Management] tab, select the member you wish to change the membership status by selecting the box next to the member name. Then, the [Edit Selection] button above will be activated.

*If your Organization Management settings are on, go to [Admin Menu] - [Organization Management] - [Member Management].


3. Select [Edit Selection] and choose the changes you want to make to the member’s status.

  • Changing membership status
    Only the team owner can transfer the team ownership to another member.

  • Switching an Associate to a Member (You cannot change a Member to an Associate)

  • Blocking or unblocking a member from the team
    The messages and files the blocked member uploaded remain in the team, but the blocked member cannot access the team.
    Once a blocked member is unblocked, they can access the team and all the previous data.

  • Dismissing a member from the team

*On your mobile, select the [More] tab on the bottom. [Admin Menu] > [Organization Management]

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