Git is a system that helps people to work on their code projects. GitHub is an online git repository. In GitHub, you can easily store your git projects. Also, you can work on one project with multiple team members, track issues and even share your open-source code with other people in the GitHub community. JANDI allows GitHub integrations by using web hooks and a secure HTTPS connection.

By integrating JANDI and GitHub, your JANDI team members can receive notifications on any changes in commit and issue events, pull requests, and deployment statuses. This way, you don’t have to move back and forth different platforms while you work. Stay focused by using multiple tools on one platform! In JANDI, you can receive notification in the language (English, Korea, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese) of your choice.

By integrating with GitHub, you can have a holistic view on code updates.

<Integrating GitHub with JANDI>


1. On the top right corner of the Topic, click [JANDI Connect] button that is shaped like a plug.

2. Select [Add Integration] in GitHub

3. Select [Authenticate your Github account].

4. Log in your GitHub account you wish to integrate with JANDI and click on [Allow] in the Authentication window.

5. Choose the repository you wish to receive your notifications and where you want to send the notifications to (Topic or JANDI on Chats).

6. Select the events you would like to be notified on JANDI.

  • Commits

  • Pull Requests Opened / Closed

  • Issue Opened / Closed

7. Customize the name or profile image that appears for messages from this integration.

8. When you are satisfied with your settings, save your integration and enjoy.

9. You can always edit your integration settings.

<Changing GitHub Accounts>

* You can change your GitHub account that is integrated with JANDI.

1. Click on [JANDI Connect] in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on [Pencil] icon. Or you can click on the [Plug]-[Pencil] in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

2. Select the [Authenticated Account] in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Select the account you wish to change and click on the [X] icon.

4. Even if your account is deactivated, if your deactivated GitHub account or Trello account is logged in through your current browser, your deactivated GitHub account will still be integrated with JANDI.

Thus, you must log out of each service.

- Trello:
- GitHub:

5. After logging out, you can then integrate your new GitHub account with JANDI.

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