Integrating JIRA with JANDI
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By integrating JANDI with JIRA, you can efficiently manage projects.

<JIRA Integration Example>


<Integrating Trello with JANDI>

1. On the top right corner of the Topic, click [JANDI Connect] button that is shaped like a plug.

2. Select [Add Integration] in JIRA

3. Go to JIRA Service System > Create a new Webhook. Select the JIRA events you wish to be notified on JANDI. Copy and paste the Webhook URL in the JANDI Connect windows to the JANDI Service System.

4. Press the [Create] icon.

5. Come back to the JANDI Connect screen and select a Topic or JANDI Chat you wish to receive your JIRA notifications.

6. Customize the name or profile image that appears for messages from this integration.

7. When you are satisfied with your settings, save your integration and enjoy.

8. You can always edit your integration settings.

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