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Integrating Github's organization Repository
Integrating Github's organization Repository
Updated over a week ago

For more convenient work environment, JANDI provides integrations with many other services. Github is a git-control-system based social storage site for various open source projects.

If you integrate Github with JANDI, you can send and receive updates messages in the Team, such as Commit, Comments, Pull Request in Github branch.

Github provides Organization feature that allows you to manage projects by team.
Method to integrate the Repository of the Organization with JANDI.

1. Log in to admin account of the Organization.
2. Go to the top right corner and click the account settings menu and go to ‘Your Profile’.
3. Click ‘Authorization Applications’ located on the left.
4. If you have connected with JANDI and Github before, it will display JANDI. (If this is your first time, authenticate your account by generating a new JANDI Connect in JANDI)
5. Click JANDI
6. ‘Organization access’ menu will be displayed on the bottom and Organization that has not been integrated yet will be shown.
7. Go to the Organization you would like to integrate and click ‘Grant Access’.
8. Organization will be integrated as you can see the above, and it will be displayed in JANDI Connect’s Repository.

Now you have integrated Organization’s Repository with JANDI. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at Live Support.

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