Setting Time Limits to Delete Messages
Updated over a week ago

Set up times for deleting the message. After you set up this feature, you cannot delete the message. (The same setting will be applied for editing board view posts.)

1 Go to the upper right corner of your JANDI screen and select [≡] > [Admin Menu].

2 Go to Add-on Setting and turn on [Delete Message].

  • Please set the delete time for your post: within 5 minutes / 30 minutes / 1 hour / 24 hours / 7 days after posting.

  • Even the Team Owner/Admin cannot delete the message after the set time.

  • To-do tasks and polls are exempt from this feature.

3. If you attempt to delete the message after the set time, the following alert will appear, and you will not be able to delete the message.

📍The board view post-edit feature also applies in the same way as the message deletion time setting. If you edit a post after the deletion time, the following message will appear, and editing will be restricted.

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