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[2023.05.12] (PC) Topic List Right-Click Menu / (Mobile) View Original Image File
[2023.05.12] (PC) Topic List Right-Click Menu / (Mobile) View Original Image File
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💻(PC) Topic List Right-Click Menu

1) When you right-click the topic list, you can choose from four options.

2) You can also right-click the chat list for more options.


JANDI cannot be deleted, so you can't leave like other topics.

  • 1:1 Chats

If your team doesn't allow deleting 1:1 chats, you will see the following message when you try to delete them.

  • Group Chats

You have the same options as topics.

📍The right-click menu is only available in the PC app.

📍Supported features based on PC language settings.

📱Mobile_View Original Image File

Large image files may appear blurry on the mobile app. We added a feature to view the original file to solve the issue.

How to: Mobile image preview > Select the more [...] icon > View original file

Now you can view clear images on the JANDI app without downloading them.

📍This feature is unavailable for file formats (Heic/Heif) that don't allow preview.

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