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Using JANDI Calendar on Mobile
Using JANDI Calendar on Mobile
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You can easily manage your schedule with JANDI Calendar on your mobile device.

[How to Access JANDI Calendar]

You can only access the calendar through the menu or app when logged in to your JANDI account.

[Calendar Views]

Choose how you want to view your calendar.

  • Monthly: View your calendar for each month.

  • Weekly: View your calendar each week, from Sunday to Saturday.

  • Daily: View your daily events.

[How to Create an Event]

  • Select the [+] button

[Event Details]

Setting up details works the same way as the PC JANDI Calendar.

① Event Title : You can enter up to 50 letters.

② Choose Calendar : Select the calendar you wish to add an event.

③ Choose the date : Select a start and end date. You can set the time in 10-minute increments.

④ Invite : You can invite a member to your event and share the event with other members.

⑤ Location : You can enter up to 50 letters.

⑥ Repeat : Repeat notification every day / week / month / year.

⑦ Description: You can enter up to 500 letters.

⑧ Privacy Setting Public Events: Others can see details / Others can see only availibility

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