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Creating Events in JANDI Calendar
Creating Events in JANDI Calendar
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JANDI Calendar allows you to manage your schedule and events without using a separate calendar program.

[How to Access JANDI Calendar]

You can only access the calendar once you are logged into your JANDI account.

- Access the calendar using the calendar app message

- Access the calendar using the tool menu

[Creating a Calendar Event]

- Use the [+] icon to create a new event

- Create an event by clicking a date on the calendar

[New Event Details]

① Event Title: You can enter up to 50 letters.

② Choose Calendar:

- Select the calendar you wish to add an event. A personal calendar is the default calendar.

- Choose the color: Select the color for your event. Your personal calendar is set to the default color.

Example: If you set your personal calendar color to blue and new events to red, it will only reflect on your calendar.

③ Choose the date: Select a start and end date. You can set the time in 10-minute increments.

- all day: There is no time set for an all-day event. Your calendar will display the event for the whole day.

④ Invite: You can invite a member to your event and share the event with other members.

- Add members by searching them by name or from the org chart. -You cannot invite dismissed or blocked members.

- You cannot invite an associate after you create the event.

⑤ Location: You can enter up to 50 letters.

⑥ Repeat: Repeat notification every day / week / month / year.

⑦ Description: You can enter up to 500 letters.

⑧ Privacy Setting Public Events:

- Members not invited to the event can view the details.

- Show/Hide Events: The event will appear as a private event to uninvited members and uninvited admins.

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