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[2023.03.30] Sharing Messages
[2023.03.30] Sharing Messages
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The message forwarding feature that allows you to deliver the message from Topic A to Topic B is very popular.

Many of our users requested a new feature that enables sharing messages and sharing their opinions at the same time, referring to the original content.

So here it is! I will explain how the new message sharing is different from the previously used file and message sharing :)

Transfer File

Previously, when you wanted to share the same file in another chatroom,

you had to go through the arduous process of downloading the file,

changing the file name, locating the chatroom, and uploading the file again 😭

Instead, you can share the file to a different chatroom using the share feature.

  • How to: Go to See More [...] -> Transfer File -> Select a Chat Room -> Forward

  • Feel free to add a message when forwarding a file.

Forward Message

Instead of copying a message or using screen capture to forward a message😭

simply use the message forward feature to deliver the same message to a different chat room.

  • How to: Select See More [...] on the message -> Forward Message -> Select a chat room -> Forward

  • This way, you can forward just the message and not the file that was attached to the message. (Useful when forwarding memos or facts)

[NEW] Share Message

  • How to: Select See More [...] on the message -> Share Message -> Select chat room & write message -> Share

  • View the messages you exchanged in other chat rooms and the context of the conversation!

  • If you want to see the attached files or go to the shared chat room, click View Messages or the referenced area!

  • If you did not participate in the shared chat room, you could see the screen and the pop-up message as shown below.

  • For public chat rooms, select [Confirm] to join the chat room. For private chat rooms, you will see the following message. Remember that you need a member in the private chat room to invite you to join the private chat room.

  • If there are both text and attached files in the original message:

    If you can join the chat room with the original message(i.e. CX Team), you can view the comments on the message in the chat room where the message was shared(i.e. MK Team).

  • If there is just text in the original message:

    If you have access to the chat room with the original message(i.e. MK Team) click View Message or the referenced area to move to the chat room.

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