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[2023.05.12] To-Do Improvements_Room Filter
[2023.05.12] To-Do Improvements_Room Filter
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Until now, when managing projects by Topic, you could only view To-Do tasks you created or have been assigned.

Since you couldn't see the tasks and progress of other members in the project, it was challenging to see the big picture when managing projects.

Thanks to the voices of JANDI users who want to plan, track, and share their projects in one place while looking up all the To-Dos registered in their chat rooms, we created the To-Do ROOM Filter feature!

If you had difficulties keeping track of tasks, deadlines, and progress of each member of the project...😭

Now you can view all the tasks in your chat rooms.

  • How to: Select Menu > To-Do > Select Joined Rooms > Select All Tasks

  • What happens when I select All Tasks?

: You can see all tasks of all the members in the selected chat room.

  • What happens when I select My Tasks?

1) You can see all tasks that have been assigned to you. (i.e., Tasks assigned to John)

2) You can see the tasks that you created and assigned yourself. (i.e., Tasks that David created and has assigned himself to them)

  • What happens when I select Assigned Tasks?

1) You will see a new filter to select members that you assigned tasks.

2) If you assigned tasks to many members, use the search feature to get results.

JANDI is preparing more improved features for the future to assign task managers and manage projects. Please look forward to what you can do to manage the contents to collaborate with members on JANDI😊

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