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[2023.05.12] Search Chatrooms By Date
[2023.05.12] Search Chatrooms By Date
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We all know that JANDI has search filters like rooms, members, and dates. But it might be challenging to search for the results without the actual keyword.

We created a search feature solely based on the date for JANDI users.

Now you can quickly move to the part of the conversation based on the date and check the history without scrolling up and down.

This feature will help those of you who had to scroll up endlessly to go to the beginning of the conversation or could not use the search feature properly because you couldn't remember the exact keyword.

Now you can just choose a date and view the discussion held on that day.

  • How to: Select the date in the chatroom > Select the day you wish to view

  • Since you can only select up to the date when the chatroom was first created, you can also move to the date the first chat started.

  • You can also select year/month; if there is no conversation on the selected date, you can move to a date close to that date.

📍Please note that the free plan only allows you to select dates within the last year

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