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Search or Switch Topics (Understanding JUMP)
Search or Switch Topics (Understanding JUMP)
Updated over a week ago

The Jump feature can help you to switch to a different Topic or chat with just a few keystrokes. The Jump feature also lets you view all the chat rooms with new messages.

To use Jump, select the Jump button on the upper left corner of your JANDI screen, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J (Mac: Cmd + J).

Once the Jump window pops up, simply type in the search keyword to view and enter Topics or Chats containing the search keyword. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard while pressing Ctrl(Cmd) to quickly move through the displayed Topics.

<Default JUMP display>

<Jump display with the search keyword>

  • Chats with a member that contains the keyword

  • Joined Topics that contain the keyword

  • Public Topics that contain the keyword

If there are no search results you can create a new topic using the search keyword directly.

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