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JANDI on my Chat list
Updated over a week ago

Have you ever seen JANDI in your chat list and wondered what it is?
JANDI on the chat list is a chat room just for you.

  • Nobody on the team, even the Team Admin, can see the contents in your JANDI chat room. This room can be used to record personal memos or to save files or messages.

  • Once you join your Team for the first time, JANDI tutorial videos will appear in your JANDI chat room to help you get used to JANDI.

  • If you are the Team Admin, your JANDI chat will message you to let you know if anyone has joined the team or has been blocked.

Your JANDI chat room is for your personal use, so if you have any questions on how to use JANDI, please go to the menu and select [Live Support] and our JANDI customer representative will help you.

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