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How to Unsubscribe / Cancel Payment
How to Unsubscribe / Cancel Payment
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If you want to change your payment method and repay, please refer to the page below.

If you wish to cancel or terminate your subscription after payment has been completed, please refer to the information below.

✔️How to view payment information

Select the [≡] menu icon on the upper right side of your PC JANDI app, and go to [Admin Menu] - [Payment Information] to view "Contract Information."

(The estimated payment amount is the basic subscription fee excluding discounts and credits and may differ from the actual payment amount.)

*Only the team owner or the team admin can see the [Admin Menu] option.

✅Cancelling Annual Subscription Payment

  • A 100% refund is available if cancellation is requested within 7 days from the contract start date.

  • A one-month fee will be charged if cancellation is requested 8 days after the contract start date.

✅Early Unsubscription

  • Suppose you cancel early even though the contract period still remains. In that case, you can cancel after paying the usage fee and penalty for the period from the contract start date to the month you applied to cancel.

💡 Penalty

Ⅰ. Discounted amount during the period of use

= number of members in the contract X {number of months using JANDI X (monthly subscription fee - annual subscription fee)}

​Ⅱ. 10% of the remaining period in the contract

= {number of members in the contract X annual subscription fee X remaining number of months in the contract} X 10%

📍If you have credit remaining, the credit is not refundable for cash. Terms of Use

✅ Cancelling Monthly Subscription

For monthly subscriptions, no usage fee will be charged from the following month after payment has been made up to the month in which cancellation is requested.

example) Cancellation requested on March 11 -> After payment for March has been made, no more payments from April.

📍Capacity is provided based on the number of regular members on the 1st of each month, so it is not calculated pro-rata.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [Live Support]. 😊

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