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I received additional billing while using the yearly subscription.
I received additional billing while using the yearly subscription.
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JANDI checks the number of team members on the 1st of every month after the annual contract for additional billing and credit refund.

Additional Billing

Suppose the number of people counted on the first day of each month exceeds the number of contracted persons (number of applicants). In that case, we will charge an excess monthly fee.

-Enterprise Plan: per member $11

-Premium Plan: per member $8

※ Please note that if you use a premium plan, you may be charged more for additional associate members!

Free associate invitations: number of members on the first of every month + 10

Additional invites will cost $1 per Associate.


If the number of Members registered on May 1st is ten > You can invite 20 Associates for free.

If the number of Associates on May 1st is 21 > You will be charged $1.


You will receive statements to the registered email during each month's first five business days.

How to view the registered email address:

Go to PC JANDI app > [=] on the upper right corner > [Admin Menu] > [Payment Information] > [Company Information].

1. Billing period: When excess fees occur in the current month (It does not mean the contract period.)

2. The number of people subject to billing: The number of Members for the current month

3. Number of applicants: Number of persons in the contract

4. Excess Members: The number of additional Members compared to the number in the contract

5. Excess Associates:


Ten contracted persons > 20 free associates

If you invited 21 associates in May > 1 excess associate


If the number is less than the number in the contract, JANDI will provide refunds in credits.

-Premium plan: per member, 6credits

-Enterprise plan: per member, 9credits

Credits will automatically be applied for additional members or during the contract renewal.

※You cannot use JANDI credits to upgrade your plan.😢

*For more questions, please use your PC JANDI to go to the menu [≡] > [Live Support].

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