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Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to the team
Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to the team
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Go to the Admin Menu to apply 2FA to the team. Once the 2FA is on, only the members protected by the 2FA can access the team.

(Available on the Enterprise Plan)


1. Click the [=] icon on the upper right corner and select [Admin Menu].

2. Go to [Security Settings] and turn on [Two Factor Authentication].

3. After changing the setting, click [Confirm] to activate 2FA.

  • When two-factor authentication is ON, unverified members are automatically moved from the team to the team list. Remember that unverified members can access the team only after setting up their two-step verification!

  • Two-factor verified teams and members will have the [verified icon] next to their names.



1. Go to the more [...] icon at the lower right corner of the mobile app. Then go to [Admin Settings] > [Security Settings].

2. Tap the [Two-factor authentication] and press [Confirm] to activate two-factor authentication.

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