Features available in paid plans
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JANDI provides to types of paid plans, Premium and Enterprise.
Here are some features that are only available in paid plans:

1. Read Receipt (Available in Premium and Enterprise)

The read receipt shows you the number of people that have read your message. Besides, you can view the list of people that have read your message!
This way, requesting tasks and grasping the work progress can be more flexible.

There are three options for setting the read receipt feature:
[Do not use], [Confirm read receipts for all messages], and [Confirm read receipts for your messages only].

2. Video Chat (Available in Enterprise)

Select the [Start a new Video chat] icon at the message input box to send a video chat message. This feature is available on PC and mobile and allows video chat with 300 participants.


Once you click on the video chat link, you can start a video chat through Zoom. (Available in premium and enterprise plans)

*Please use the Google Chrome browser on your PC to use this feature.

Video chat is helpful when talking with members on a business trip or with members working remotely. You can screen share and exchange files through video chat.

3. Download History (Available in Enterprise)

If the Team Admin needs to check the file downloads log, it is available on the [Admin Menu] - [Download History].
You can search the file name to view downloads and preview history of the files shared in your team.

4. Add/Delete unlimited To-Do Lists

In paid plans, you can add an unlimited number of To-do lists to prioritize your tasks and improve team productivity. In free plans, you can create up to 100 To-do lists.
Please remember that you can only delete your To-do lists on paid plans.

5. Creating an Org Chart (Available in Premium and Enterprise)

Teams using paid plans can create an Org chart to manage members easily. The Team Admin can set up Organization Management, in which the Team Admin can create sub-departments and add, edit, or delete positions.

6. Team Icon Settings (Available in Enterprise)
You can set your team icon as your company logo. The default icon is shown as the JANDI icon.

7. PC/Mobile File Download Restriction (Available in the Enterprise plan)

The Team Admin can put restrictions on downloading files for the PC or Mobile JANDI app. The preview for files is allowed.

  • Restrictions on PC and mobile downloads

  • Restriction on mobile only

  • Allow download in specific IP addresses (*keep in mind that this is a different setting from Whitelist IP addresses)


8. Show Watermark on Documents (Available on Enterprise)

By turning this feature on, document previews will show watermarks.
There are two options for the watermark setting: Show team name or Enter directly.


9. Apply watermark to mobile screen (Available on Enterprise)

User's email address and date watermark is applied to the mobile screen.

10. Set IP address access restrictions (Available on Enterprise)

This feature will only allow users with trusted IP addresses to access your JANDI team.


11. Allow members to delete 1:1 chats (Available on Enterprise)

The Team Admin can turn this setting on. Once this setting is on, all members will be able to delete 1:1 chat rooms permanently.

12. Detailed Usage Data on Dashboard (Available in Premium and Enterprise)

The Team Admin of teams using the Premium plan can see how much data your team has used.
The Team Admin of teams using the Enterprise plan can view data information not only for the entire team but also for individual members.

13. Bookmark (Available in Premium and Enterprise)

You can bookmark URLs that you often visit to revisit them with just a few clicks.

14. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to the team
When two-factor authentication is ON, unverified members are automatically moved from the team to the team list. Remember that unverified members can access the team only after setting up their two-step verification! (Available on the Enterprise Plan)

On <PC/Web> JANDI app and click the[=]icon on the upper right corner then select [Admin Menu].


Two-factor verified teams and members will have the [verified icon] next to their names.


15. Scheduling a Message (Available only in the Enterprise Plan)
If you have a message that you must send to other members at a specific time, try scheduling a message! Members can save up to ten scheduled messages. You can schedule up to 90 days based on the sending date with 15 minutes increments.

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