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How to View Two Chats Simultaneously
How to View Two Chats Simultaneously
Updated over a week ago

Try the split view!

You can view two chats simultaneously in the PC JANDI version. Instead of going back and forth between Topics, you can use the split view to see two chats on the same screen.

  • How to: Hold Ctrl (Mac: cmd) and click on the Topic/chatroom name.

  • The Topic/chatroom you select while holding the Ctrl (Mac: cmd) will be on the right side, the sub-screen.

  • To place a different chat in the sub-screen, hold Ctrl (Mac: cmd) and select a different Topic/chatroom.

  • You can close the sub-screen by clicking the [X] button on the upper right side of the sub-screen.

Tip: Move the bar between the chats to change the screen ratio.

Tip: Hold Ctrl (Mac: cmd) to view comments in the sub-screen and click the comment.

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