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Creating a Topic
Updated over a week ago

*All Members of the Team can create Topics. Create any Topic for your tasks.

*Associates cannot create a Topic.

<PC / Web>

1. Select the (+) icon on the top of your Topic List, which is located on the left side of your JANDI. Then select [Create a new topic].

2. Fill in the Topic information.

  • Topic Name

  • View Type

  • Topic Type

    • All Members of the Team can join and view a Public Topic.

    • A Private Topic can be joined by invitation only.

    • Once you have created a topic, you cannot change the topic type.

  • Description

  • Others


    - Select a folder
    - Auto Invite Members
    Once you turn the ‘Auto Invite Members’ setting on, all the new Members invited to your Team will join the Topic automatically.

1. Go to the Topic tab, and select the (+) icon. Then choose [Create a new topic].

2. Type in the Topic information.

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