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File Download Restriction in PC and Mobile JANDI
File Download Restriction in PC and Mobile JANDI
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If you want to restrict downloading files in your JANDI team, your team admin can change download settings in the Enterprise plan.

  1. Go to the upper right corner of your JANDI screen and select [≡] > [Admin Menu].

  2. Go to [Security Setting] > [Download Restriction] to select options for file download restriction.
    *Keep in mind that members can preview the file no matter the restriction settings.

    Select the restriction options suitable for your team.

  • Download restriction per device

  • Download restriction per member status

  • Download restriction per IP addresses
    (*Remember that this is a separate setting from trusted IP access)

✔️Please remember that once you add an IP address, you must select [apply].

Download Restriction Example)

The following alert will appear on mobile for download attempts.

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