Set Whitelist IP addresses to access JANDI team
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For security reasons, you can set only trusted IP addresses to access your team. This feature is only available in the Enterprise Plan.

1. Go to [Team Admin]-[Security Settings]-[Whitelist IP addresses] menu and turn ON the feature.

✔️ Team admins and owners are excluded from the Whitelist IP settings.

✔️ All mobile users are excluded from the Whitelist IP settings.

2. [Add] the IP you wish to permit access and select [Apply]

  • JANDI Whitelist works with CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) method.

  • Format: {IP address} / {bit mask}

  • ex) → only accessible on this one IP

  • ex) → accessible on the range of ~

  • If you do not enter a bit mask after / in the whitelist, it will be automatically applied to /32 (only the entered IP is allowed).

  • If you enter the bit mask after /, it is applied as the set bit mask.

3. Apart from trusted IP addresses, you can add the exception member. Enter the member's name and email, or click the add icon.

4. Once you click the add icon, you can choose members from the organization chart. Select the member.

5. Click [Apply] to save your changes.

6. When you connect to an IP other than allowed, you will see alert phrases such as:

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