Used this feature when you want to make the JANDI team accessible only from a specific IP.

Available only with Enterprise plan.

1. Go to [Team Admin]-[Security Settings]-[Whitelist IP addresses] menu and turn ON the feature.


2. The application method for each IP address is as follows.

  • JANDI Whitelist works with CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) method.

  • Format: {IP address} / {bit mask}

  • ex) → only accessible on this one IP

  • ex) → accessible on the range of ~

  • If you do not enter a bit mask after / in the whitelist, it will be automatically applied to /32 (only the entered IP is allowed).

  • If you enter the bit mask after /, it is applied as the set bit mask.

✔️ Team admins and owners are excluded from the Whitelist IP settings.

✔️ All mobile users are excluded from the Whitelist IP settings.

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