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How to see the online status
How to see the online status
Updated over a week ago

Did you ever wonder what the green dot next to the member’s name was? The green dot indicates whether the member is online on JANDI or not.

Look on your chat list, and you can see the dot appear next to the names.

You can also see the member’s online status on his or her profile.

Your online status will reflect any activity on your PC, Web, or mobile JANDI.

  • The online status will turn off when you log out from your mobile or PC JANDI or when you turn off your PC.
    (If your online status doesn’t work even when you are using JANDI, please refresh or log in again.)

<Team Organization Chart>

You can also see the online status of your Team members on the chat list, org chart, team member list, and the Topic participants list.

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