Generate org chart in JANDI
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Managing personnel has just become more comfortable by creating an org chart for your team.

  • The org chart is available in two paid plans: Premium and Enterprise.

  • The org chart setting can only be done on the PC or the web version.

  • Are there too many members on your team? We are currently working on adding the Department & Position batch enrollment feature.

* If you need assistance in managing more than 100 members in your team at once, please contact


Go to the [≡] icon on the upper right corner of your PC/Web JANDI. Click on the [Admin Menu] and [Add-on Settings].

  • Decide whether to use the Org Chart using the Organization Management on/off button.

  • The Team Admin is the only one who can change settings to the Organization Management feature.

  • Once the Organization Management is set to 'On’, team members other than the Admin cannot make changes to their profile.

  1. Go to the [Organization Management] tab and click on [Org Chart Management] to create up to 7 sub-departments.

  • The Team name will automatically be registered, and you can create up to 7 sub-departments.

    2. To add, edit, or delete position names, go to [Organization Management] - [Position / rank administration].

  • You can create new Positions, and you can change the order by using the arrows located on the right.

    3. To edit the profile information of your team members, go to [Organization Management] - [Member Management].

  • Search team members by their name, email address, department, or position.

<How to edit a member’s information>

  • Click on the member’s name to edit that member’s status, organization, or position.

<How to edit multiple members’ information>

  • In [Member Management], select the member you wish to edit the profile by selecting the box next to the member names. Then click on [Edit Selection].

  • Click on the changes you wish to apply to the department, position, or status and edit the selected members' information.

  1. Your team’s Org Chart can be searched by departments and members.

  • On your PC or Web JANDI, select the org chart icon to search by members or departments.

We hope you enjoy this feature, and if you need any assistance, please contact us at [Live Support] in the JANDI app.

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