Zoom and JANDI Integration
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For better collaboration, start linking Zoom with JANDI!

How to integrate Zoom with JANDI?

1. Download and Install Zoom

Please download Zoom Client for Meetings. To enjoy a smooth video conference, you will require a computer with a microphone and a camera.


2. Register or log in to Zoom (Host only)

If you are going to use the zoom video conference for the first time, please click [Sign up, it's free] on the Zoom site to proceed with the membership registration. If you have an existing account, please log in. You can also log in with your SNS account.


3. Create a Zoom Video Conference Room

First, run JANDI on your PC, select the [Intergration] and then click on the [Zoom] button.


Finally, click on the link created in the chat room to enter the video conference room.

  • The individual that hosts the Zoom's video conference room will determine the meeting plan.


4. Settings for hosting your first video conference in Zoom

For PC, click on the video conference link. Once the following screen appears, click on the [Open Zoom] button.


Next, click the [Join with Computer Audio] option to begin the video conference.


Participants who are not hosts can join immediately by clicking on the video conferencing room link without signing up or logging in to Zoom. However, the installation of the Zoom software is mandatory. Once the installation is complete, input your name and the video conference room ID.

5. Using features for smart video conferencing

5-1) Screen sharing
Used when sharing materials such as PowerPoint presentations, Internet pages, word document programs, etc. with others rather than centering each other's faces.

5-2) Whiteboard and file sharing
Used to leave memos using the "whiteboard" or to share a file outside of a specific screen.

5-3) Turning off the microphone temporarily
The facilitator's voice cannot be transmitted well if the environment is noisy. Hosts can mute the participants and prevent them from emitting noises for a while. The participant's name and face will show the microphone icon turned off.

6. Pricing on the video conferencing function

It is only possible to link Zoom with the JANDI paid version. Video conferencing is only available for Premium and Enterprise users.

7. Uninstalling the JANDI Add-on

7-1) Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

7-2) Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the JANDI app.

7-3) Click the JANDI app.

7-4) Click Uninstall.

* Installing and Configuring from Zoom Marketplace

1) Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.

2) Search for JANDI and click the app.

3) Click Install and Sign in with your JANDI account.

4) Confirm the permissions the app requires and choose Authorize.

* Customer Support

If you have any problems using Zoom in JANDI, please contact us below.

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