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I want to know about the credit policy.
I want to know about the credit policy.
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JANDI checks the number of team members on the 1st of every month after the annual contract.

Suppose the number is less than the number in the contract. In that case, JANDI will provide refunds in credits based on the monthly cost per member.

Credits can be used as cash for additional members or during the contract renewal. JANDI credits will automatically be applied.

1. How to check credit history

- Click the menu [≡] icon located at the top of the PC JANDI screen - Go to [Admin Menu] - [Payment Information].

*Only the Team Admin can access the [Admin Menu].

- You can check your credit and payment history in the [Payment Information] tab.

2. Credit Expiration Date

- JANDI credit is valid one years from the accumulation date.

Example) 07-18-2018: 1,000 credits earned => Can be used until 07-17-2019.

3. Credits cannot be transferred

- Credits are points accumulated for the JANDI team you are currently using. Please keep in mind that It is impossible to transfer to another JANDI team.

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