All about the Notification Center
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✅How to Use the Notification Center

  1. Add mentioned messages as a task, or save them as Stars.

  • How to create a task: Hover to the right side of the message and select the more [...] icon > [Add as a to-do]

  • How to Star: Hover to the right side of the message and click the star icon

2. View all board-view notifications.

  • How to: Notification Center > select [Board Notifications] tab.

3. Select notice center settings for board view.

  • How to: Select [Settings] on the upper right side of the notification center > Choose either Total / Important Notices and select [Confirm]

    • Total: Get notifications for all new and edited posts of board-view topics that you're part of

    • Important Notices: Get notifications for new posts and comments on my posts

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