Subscribe to a paid Team plan for more collaboration features.

Go to the upper right corner of your PC JANDI screen, then select the [≡] icon.
Click [Admin Menu] and go to the [Payment Information] tab. Under [Plan Information], select [Upgrade to Premium / Enterprise Plan] to subscribe to a paid plan.

For each JANDI Team, you can choose a payment method (credit card or wire transfer).

Payment will not take place on the day you register your credit card.
Instead, payment will take place during the first five business days next month.

* For example, if you subscribed to a Premium Plan on March 15, you will receive your bill for a wire transfer or a credit card statement (depending on your payment method) during the first five business days of April.

* If you choose to wire transfer the subscription fees, you can’t register for an automatic withdrawal. So please check your bill for payment amount and account information before you make the transfer. The payment is due within 10 working days from the invoice date.
(Once you send us a copy of your business license, we will issue the tax invoice with the bill every month.)

*We will base your monthly bill based on the number of members in your Team on the 1st of every month.

* Only the Team Owner has the authority to upgrade your Team’s plan.

If you have any questions about payment, please contact us at

Pricing information page
Make inquiries regarding paid plans

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