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Creating view-only topics
Updated over a week ago

Do you ever need a Topic for one-way communication?
If you need to create a Topic for announcement purposes, create a ‘View-Only’ Topic to deliver information to your Team members without anyone else uploading messages or files.

Only the Topic Admin, Team Admin, and the Team Owner can upload messages or files in the ‘View-Only’ Topic.

*Please keep in mind that if you share a file that is already uploaded in another Topic, leaving comments under the file will be possible.


1. Go to the Topic’s upper right corner and select the [···] icon. Then choose [Edit Info]. Only the Topic Admin can edit information on the Topic.

2. Once the ‘Edit Topic Info’ window pops up, go to [Others] and turn on [Set View-Only].


  • Select the [≡] icon on the Topic’s upper right corner, and turn on [Set View-Only].

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