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How are My Calendar and Subscribed Calendar Different?
How are My Calendar and Subscribed Calendar Different?
Updated over a week ago

My calendar is comprised of the default and team calendars. Subscribed calendars automatically show national holidays and members' birthdays.

① Member Search: Search each member's calendar to view their work schedule.

② My Calendar:

- Default Calendar: Once you access the JANDI calendar, JANDI will automatically create a default(private) Calendar, and other members can search and view your calendar.

- Team Calendar: Only Members and above can view the team calendar. Team admin and owners and create / edit / delete calendar events.

③ Subscribed Calendars: Subscribed calendars display national holidays (depending on your settings) and members' birthdays.

- Simply use the + add button, search for a specific member, and subscribe to view their calendars. If the members set up their calendars as private, you cannot subscribe to their calendars.

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