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Creating Additional Calendars.
Creating Additional Calendars.
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Create a new calendar in addition to the default calendar if you need to manage schedules by department or reserve a shared space (meeting room, etc.).

1. Access the calendar through the tool menu or the calendar app message.

2. Select the + icon in my calendar and select the color for your event.

3. Choose the [...] more icon next to the new calendar.

4. You can set up details in settings.

① Choose Calendar: Select the calendar you wish to edit.

② Calendar Details: Calendar admins can edit the title. Anyone can change the color.

③ Owner: You can see who owns the calendar.

④ Private or Public Calendar: You can decide to make the calendar public or private. Team members cannot view private calendars.

⑤ Share Calendar: You can invite other members to your calendar by searching them by name or in the org chart. After selecting the member, you can grant calendar permissions (admin, write, view).

- Associates can only view the calendar.

⑥ Delete Calendar: If you delete your calendar, it will no longer be available to all members.

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