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[08.08.2024] Changes in the Free plan policy
[08.08.2024] Changes in the Free plan policy
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The Free Plan policy is scheduled to change starting August 8, 2024.

✅ Changes in the Policy



Team Storage



File and Message Search

within the last year

within the last 90 days

✅ New Policy Q&A

1. When will the new policy be effective?

: The changed policy will be effective starting Thursday, August 8, 2024.

2. What happens after August 8 if our team has already used more than 3GB of storage?

: If your team has used more than 3GB of storage, you cannot upload additional files after August 8. (You can still exchange messages)

3. ​On August 7, the team's storage was less than 3GB, but on August 8, it exceeded 3GB, and we cannot upload more files. Why is that?

: It takes approximately 24 hours for the storage to be updated after you upload a file. If your team's storage is almost 3GB approaching August 8, please make room in advance.


- August 7: Total storage is 2.9GB, and you upload a 1GB file

- August 8: Total storage is 3.9GB and you can't upload additional files

3-1. How can I free up storage?

: You can free up storage by deleting files and topics or upgrading to a paid plan for more storage.

*Please refer to the following article for more information on the new policy.
How to Secure More Storage (Storage Q&A)

4. What about the data before 90 days ago?

: The data remains. Although you can only view the data within the past 90 days, the data has not been deleted. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can view all of your past data anytime.

5. How do you define 90 days?

: It is 90 days ago based on the date 'today.'


Today's date: August 8, 2024

90 days ago: May 10, 2024

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