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How to Secure More Storage (Storage Q&A)
How to Secure More Storage (Storage Q&A)
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Check out the Q&A below and frequently asked questions about managing storage using the Free and Premium plans.👇👇👇

  • Free Plan Storage : 5GB

  • Premium Plan Storage
    : 10GB X The number of Members registered on the 1st of every month


10 Members on April 1 -> 100GB (10GB X 10) provided on April 2

9 Members on May 1 -> 90GB (10GB X 9) provided on May 2

Q. I am having trouble uploading files.

A. File uploads will be limited if you exceed the storage provided for your team. You can clear up space by deleting infrequently used files or topics. However, it takes about 1-3 days to reflect the actual storage after deleting. Please manage your storage before it is full. Another way is to upgrade your plan. Your storage will be updated right after upgrading the plan.

Q. How can I delete my files? Can I delete multiple files at once?

A. File has to be deleted individually. Team Admin or the member who uploaded the file can delete them.

[How to Delete Files]

  • To delete a file, click on the See More [...] icon next to the file > [Delete]

  • Storage will be updated 24 hours after deleting the file.

To minimize the situation where corporate data is lost maliciously or accidentally by a specific person, we ask for your understanding that we do not provide a bulk delete function.

[How to Delete a Topic]

Remember that if you delete a Topic, you can delete all files and messages within the Topic.

📍 Once you delete a Topic, there is no way to reverse it. So please make sure you delete the Topic with care.

  • Select [...] at the upper right side of the Topic > [Delete]

  • Only the Team Admin joining the Topic or the Topic Admin can delete the Topic.

  • Storage will be updated 72 hours after deleting the Topic.

Q. I have deleted all the files, but the storage remains the same.

A. The Team Admin can only access files in public Topics and private Topics that they are a part of. Please notify your team members to delete the files in Topics and chats that the Team Admin cannot access.

Moreover, files in JANDI Drive also count as storage. Please delete unused files in JANDI Drive completely.

Q. (💵Premium Plan) I signed a contract for ten people per year, but why is the team storage different monthly instead of a constant 100GB?

A. According to the fair billing policy, JANDI calculates the number of Members registered on the 1st of every month and receives only the amount corresponding to the number of users.

Therefore, if you exceed the number of contracted persons, you will pay a fee for the number of excess Members, and JANDI will provide additional storage accordingly. On the other hand, if there are fewer Members than in the contract, JANDI will provide the discrepancy in credits accordingly. In this case, your storage will also match the number of Members.

Q. (💵Premium Plan) I added more Members, but the storage remains unchanged.

A. JANDI calculates the number of Members registered on the first day of the month and proceeds with monthly storage provision and billing.

Therefore, if you invite a member after the 1st, please note that the provision of storage and billing for additional (invited) Members will start the following month.


  • April 1: Ten Members confirmed / Available storage 100GB (10GB X 10 Members)

  • April 2: Add two more Members -> Total of 12 Members / Available storage remains 100GB
    (The cost and storage for the extra two members will be billed the following month)

  • May 1: 12 Members confirmed / Available storage 120GB (10GB X 12 Members)

Q. (Free Plan) I can't see previous messages. Storage issues?

A. You can only view data within the last year in the Free plan. Upgrade to a paid plan to view and search all past data.

Q. Where can I see my team's plan and storage?

A. The Team Owner or Admin can view this information.

Select [=] on the upper right corner of your PC JANDI app > [Admin Menu] > [Dashboard] > [File Storage Used]

Q. How to upgrade my plan?

Each plan is different, so please refer to the information below!

[Free Plan]

  • The Team Admin can upgrade the plan.

  • Select [=] on the upper right corner of your PC JANDI app > [Admin Menu] > [Upgrade Plan Now] 👉Learn More


Payment will not take place on the day you register your credit card. Instead, payment will take place during the first week of next month.


Subscribed to a Premium Plan on March 15 -> You will receive your bill on the first week of April.

[Premium Plan]

  • Request an upgrade to the Enterprise plan and start right away.

  • To request an upgrade or ask questions, select [=] on the upper right corner of your PC JANDI app > [Live Support]

Q. I need to work now but can't upload the file due to a lack of storage space. What should I do?

If you need to use JANDI for work immediately, upgrade to a paid plan. If you have any questions or need help, please select [=] on the upper right corner of your PC JANDI app > [Live Support]

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