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Reset / Change password
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<Reset the Password>

If you cannot remember your password, you can change it through [Forgot your password↗] on the login page.

1. Click [Forgot your password↗], then enter the JANDI account email address to receive the password reset email.

2. Click the link in the email we have sent you, and reset your password.

3. After resetting the password, log in to JANDI with the new password.


<Change the Password>

Go to [Edit Profile] to change your password.


1. Go to the upper right corner of your JANDI screen and select the menu [≡] icon. Then choose [Go to Account Home].

2. Once you are in account home, select [Edit profile], located on the upper right side of your profile.

3. Under [Update Password], type in your current password and a new password. Then click [Okay] to save your changes.

If you cannot remember your current password, go to the login page and click [Forgot your password↗] to reset your password.


1. Select the more [···] icon and select [Account Setting] by tapping on your account email address on the top..

2. Choose [Change account password] and type in your current password and a new password.


* If you've followed the steps above and have yet to receive a password reset email from JANDI, first be sure to check all the tabs, folders, and spam filters in your inbox. Still not there? Email us right away(

Note that you must be able to access the email address associated with your JANDI account to reset your password. Team Administrators can’t change or reset passwords for members of their team.

If you received this message, this usually means one thing. There's a mistake in your email address. It could be a typo or the wrong email address. Double-check that it's the same email you used to sign up for your JANDI.

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